Waterproof Pigtail

Waterproof pigtail cable generally used for harsh environment, the place require a higher reliability of the devices, with one end of the optical connector, connect with durable waterproof joint, result in convenient installation, reliable, able to withstand a variety of harsh environment field jacket and long service life, good toughness, tensile, and good ground connect. Tianzhou Optic use high quality of optical connector parts, with high quality of waterproof cable and high quality corrosion resistant components to produce waterproof pigtail cable. We use advanced technology and senior equipment, to ensure the good performance and excellent environmental stability of product. And we also meet the respective technical specification for connectors.

Cable Color:    ●Yellow    ●Orange    ●Aqua    ●Specify
Connector Type:    ●LC    ●SC    ●FC    ●ST    ●D4    ●SMA    ●MU    ●MPO    ●MTRJ    ●E2000
Polishment:    ●PC    ●UPC    ●APC
Fiber Core Type:    ●SM    ●MM
Cable Diameter:    ●0.9mm    ●2.0mm    ●3.0mm
Cable Length:    ●5m    ●10m    ●20m    ●30m    ●Specify



        Tianzhou Optic's waterproof pigtail have type of 2 cores, 4 cores, 6 cores, 8 cores, 12 cores and etc cable. Waterproof pigtail can be assembled by SC, ST, FC, LC and other connectors according to customer requirement. The construction is convenient, high safety, not rotate the parts of cable or pigtail when tighten the joint nut. We use of high quality ceramic core, deal with the connector end specially. The waterproof pigtail have low insertion loss and high return loss, which is especially suitable for outdoor applications in electric power network, cable television and various monitoring systems.
        Scope of application: (1)Telecommunication system; (2)Optical communication networks; (3)device terminal; (4)Industrial, Mechanical and Military.
        NOTE: We can provide specify waterproof pigtail which required by customer.

Performance Specifications

Parameter Single-Mode Multi-Mode
Grinding Endface
Insertion Loss (dB) ≤0.3 ≤0.2 ≤0.3 ≤0.3
Return Loss (dB) ≥45 ≥50 ≥60 ≥20
Exchangeability Loss (dB) ≤0.2
Repeat Plug-pull Times >1000
Working Temperature (℃) -40~+85
Storage Temperature (℃) -40~+85
Wire Diameter (mm) φ0.9mm, φ2.0mm, φ3.0mm





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